Monday, November 16, 2009

Proft Wins New Trier Township GOP Endorsement

From the Campaign Office of Dan Proft for Governor
Saturday, November 14, 2009

(Chicago, Illinois) – This morning, the New Trier Township Republican organization endorsed conservative Republican Dan Proft for Governor.

Despite a crowded field of seven candidates, Proft garnered the most votes on the first ballot, tying with Andy McKenna on the second ballot, resulting in a dual endorsement of Proft and McKenna.

“I'm deeply honored by this very important win for our campaign, winning this endorsement on Andy McKenna's home turf,” said Proft. “I want to thank Committeeman Tolbert Chisum and the entire New Trier Township Republican Organization.”

“In order to win in November, our party’s nominee must be able to run strong and win in suburban Cook County. This endorsement is a strong signal that those working in the precincts in Cook believe I am the candidate whose message is best connecting with their neighbors.”

“Just like the Schaumburg GOP, who endorsed my candidacy last week, the New Trier GOP gets it," added Proft. "To win in 2010, our party must present qualitatively different leadership. We must take the fight to the entrenched political class in Springfield, those Chicago Democrats whose policies have destroyed our state’s economy, on behalf of people who play by the rules and who have been gamed by a state government they finance. And we must bring policy revolution to Springfield—tax cuts and spending caps; school choice in K-12; market reforms of Medicaid; restructuring of state pension systems; and conservation of our transportation infrastructure. This is the only way back for our party and our state.”

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