Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Statement from Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Andy McKenna on Veteran’s Day

From the Campaign Office of Andy McKenna for Governor

“Today we honor those soldiers who have bravely served our country and all those around the world and at home who continue the fight to protect our country and freedom.

“Our gratitude for their sacrifice is deep and one that continues throughout every day of the year.”

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Anonymous said...

Mr. McKenna, I throughly agree with your thoughts about all of our men and women in the service. One other thing I would like to see for them and our State and Country, is, if you are nominated, I would like to see is an immigration bill to get the illegal aliens sent back to their own countrys. This would open so many jobs for the military people that come home and also for our whole country. The illegals do not have the right to take our jobs away from us when our country needs them. Illinois is in a bad way also, so I do hope you are able to help our state.