Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Statement from Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady Regarding Gov. Quinn's Budget Proposal

From the Illinois Republican Party

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady released the following statement regarding Governor Quinn's budget proposal:

"Governor Quinn layed out one of the most irresponsible budgets the people of Illinois have ever seen, perpetuating the status quo of massive borrowing and spending that got us into the fiscal crisis we face today. It's almost like Governor Blagojevich never left Springfield. What's worse is this address should have been given from Quinn's campaign office because it's clear his budget proposal is nothing more than political theatre to get him reelected in November. Raising taxes 33% on Illinois families is not the answer to fixing this budget mess. Republican Senator Bill Brady is in line with the people of Illinois who want fiscal responsibility and reform - neither of which Quinn is willing to bring to the table."

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