Wednesday, April 7, 2010

State Seeks to Clarify Its Plans on the Lottery


CHICAGO – The Illinois Lottery’s intent to hire a
private manager has created public confusion. We
would like to make it absolutely clear that: The
State of Illinois is not privatizing, selling or
leasing its Lottery.

The Lottery is seeking a management agreement that
will enable the business to more quickly react to
dynamic market forces. The Lottery will continue to
be conducted by the State of Illinois, as a State
agency, ensuring that operations are conducted with
integrity and social responsibility.

The new manager could potentially be in charge of the
allocation of about $1 billion of goods and services
over the course of the envisioned 10-year agreement.
The manager will be paid a fee for its services. It
is comparable to hiring a manager to run a family
business – not selling the business and taking the
money in a lump sum.

The increased Lottery profits generated from these
management changes will be used to fund the capital
building program authorized last year by the General
Assembly. Lottery will continue to contribute $625
million (plus inflation year-over-year) to fund
public education throughout the State.

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