Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kirk Campaign Questions Giannoulias Statement that He Doesn't Take Money from Those Who Lobby the Treasurer's Office


Background: Last week, Alexi Giannoulias was asked whether he accepts campaign contributions from state lobbyists who lobby his State Treasurer’s office. Giannoulias did not give a straight answer. From the press conference:

Reporter: You don’t take federal money, but the Kirk folks are saying that you do take state lobbying money. Have you said ‘No’ to any kind of lobbyists who lobby for the state and especially to your treasurer’s office?

Giannoulias: And again, I understand the congressman is trying to put up smokescreens and trying to change the subject from the fact that he’s raised millions of dollars from federal lobbyists. The truth of the matter is my first day in office I ended pay-to-play in the state treasurer’s office. We don’t take money from anyone who does business with the state treasurer’s office. We don’t take money from banks. And if individuals want to donate, that’s fine. We have a complete firewall between myself and federal lobbyists.

Reporter: What about state lobbyists? Other state lobbyists, maybe they don’t lobby your particular office, but state lobbyists. Is there a ban on those?

Giannoulias: Well, they don’t – and again, this is about the decision with regard to the U.S. Senate race, and with regards to the United States Senate. And they have no impact on that legislation.

Why is Alexi Giannoulias trying to dodge a simple yes or no question?

Alexi Giannoulias says he “doesn’t take money from anyone who does business with the State Treasurer’s office,” but does he take money from anyone who lobbies the Treasurer’s office?

Alexi Giannoulias says he has a “complete firewall” between himself and federal lobbyists, but does he have a “complete firewall” between himself and state lobbyists who can influence his current office?

Get the Facts: As of March 31, 2010, Alexi for Illinois accepted $87,626.35 from registered Illinois State lobbyists – including $28,326.35 from lobbyists registered with entities that lobby the Treasurer’s office in the same year as their contribution. (Sources: Federal Election Commission; State of Illinois Lobbying Information Search) The total as of June 30th is not yet available. Lobbyists registered with entities that lobby the Treasurer’s office who contributed to Alexi for Illinois include:

Name Amount Date Employer Source
Balanoff, Tom $250.00 1/17/2010 SEIU source
Cassidy, Michael $100.00 3/31/2009 Information Requested source
Corrigan, John $2,400.00 12/28/2009 John C Corrigan & Associates source
Dart, Timothy $2,400.00 6/22/2009 Nicolay & Dart source
Dart, Timothy $2,400.00 3/29/2010 Nicolay & Dart source
Flynn, Neil $1,000.00 12/12/2009 Neil F Flynn & Associates source
Frang, Larry $2,000.00 10/16/2009 Illinois Municipal League source
Frang, Larry $2,000.00 3/24/2010 Illinois Municipal League source
Houlihan, Michael $1,800.00 3/29/2010 All-Circo source
Hunter, Laura $500.00 4/27/2009 Self-Employed source
Hunter, Laura $250.00 6/30/2009 The Hunter Group source
Jubeh, Hanah $2,400.00 3/27/2009 P2 Consulting source
Jubeh, Hanah $2,056.00 6/26/2009 Duo Strategies source
Jubeh, Hanah $220.35 12/29/2009 Duo Strategies source
Lackland, Jonathan $100.00 11/17/2009 IL Assn of Minorities in Govt source
Manning, David $2,000.00 6/29/2009 Community Bankers Assoc source
Manning, David $400.00 12/11/2009 Consultant source
Manning, David $500.00 3/31/2010 Consultant source
Patton, Mary $500.00 9/20/2009 Retired source
Shomon, Dan $2,400.00 3/30/2010 Dan Shomon source
Storino, Donald $2,400.00 3/6/2009 Self-Employed source
Toppert, Wesley $250.00 3/3/2009 Dan Shomon Inc source

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