Monday, January 24, 2011

Rahm Emanuel Kicked Off Ballot in Race for Mayor of Chicago

An Illinois Court of Appeals ruled Monday that Rahm Emanuel is not qualified to run on the Chicago City ballot for Mayor, as he does not meet the standard set for residency. Mr. Emanuel served as White House Chief of Staff for the first two years of the Obama presidency, and lived in the Washington DC area during that time. Mr. Emanuel however continues to claim that his physical presents in DC does not mean he changed his residency as a Chicagoan, and that he remains qualified to run for Mayor.

The three-judge Illinois Appellate Court, heard oral arguments last week in the case. Their ruling on Monday was a 2-1 split decision that found Mr. Emanuel ineligible to run for mayor.

Lawyers for Mr. Emanuel said last week they will appeal the decision to the Illinois Supreme Court. The state’s high court can decide whether or not to hear the case. Should they decide NOT to hear the case, then the Appeals Court decision would stand, and Mr. Emanuel would not be allowed on the ballot.

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