Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cong John Shimkus (R) Statement on Retirement of Cong Jerry Costello (D)

Washington, DC...Congressman John Shimkus (R, Illinois-19) issued the following statement upon the announcement of Congressman Jerry Costello’s retirement:

“This morning I received a call from Congressman Jerry Costello informing me that he has decided to retire from public office as a Member of Congress. This is a great loss for Southern Illinois and a personal loss for me.

“While we hail from different political parties, I have counted Jerry as one of my closest friends and confidants. I have been amazed at the productivity of Jerry in meeting the needs of the working men and women that he represents. In the House majority or in the minority, Jerry always seemed to get the job done. Regardless of who held the White House, Jerry was always able to get the work done.

“Many have heard me call him the patron saint of Scott Air Force Base. Well even patron saints retire, which will cause all of us to work a little harder to fill this gap. To Georgia and the entire Costello clan, thanks for sharing Jerry with me, Southern Illinois, and the country.”


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