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Governor Quinn Proclaims April Save Abandoned Babies Month

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Awareness Even More Important We Face the Unspeakable Tragedies of February

The news articles read more like a scene from a horror film than news: Remains found in the trunk of a car. Infant found in a toilet.

And these were not just any remains. These were innocent babies discarded as if they were waste.

The remains of two dead infants were found in the trunk of an impounded car in late February. After nearly a year of sitting in an impound lot, the car of a 32-year-old Illinois woman was examined by police. The woman had only recently admitted to dumping another baby girl alongside a road to freeze to death in 2004. Wrapped in plastic bags and discarded as trash, this horrific tragedy is not the only one looming over a heartbreaking February.

Late February also brought with it the drowning murder of a full-term infant. A 16-year-old woman is believed to have given birth to the infant found dead in the toilet of a Roseland neighborhood home.

But did these women know there was another option? We have to wonder if they would have relinquished these babies to a Safe Haven had they known they could do so legally and without any questions asked. Would four lives have been saved? Instead these precious full-term infants were left to shiver in the cold or take first and last breaths gasping on toilet water-ultimately -losing their lives just as they had barely began and their mothers live with shame and guilt, possibly behind bars.

It’s unthinkable and unimaginable, and most importantly it may be PREVENTABLE.

The Safe Haven Law in Illinois says that a baby may be relinquished to staff at a hospital, firehouse, police station, or a campus-police station. That means that deaths like these do not need to occur. Now more than ever, we remember the importance of raising awareness about Safe Haven Laws.

April, Save Abandoned Babies Month

The proclamation from Governor Pat Quinn brings high expectations to April for making a difference. This is a time to build momentum, initiate goals, and raise awareness. We need your help to reach our goals:

Reach 10,000 “Likes” on Facebook.

Raise $20,000 to increase awareness about of Safe Haven Law using the appropriate media in communities at risk of illegally abandoning a newborn.

Reach out to teachers to ensure that the Safe Haven Law is being integrated into junior high public school health courses curriculum as mandated by law.

No more illegally abandoned babies.

Join us at noon on April 24th, 2013 at the Thompson Center, to show support for the Save Abandoned Babies Foundation and the many other organizations whose mission it is to prevent child abuse in Illinois.

Annual scholarship contest for high school students has started!

A) The Foundation will award four $500 book scholarships to any Illinois senior high school student who can best promote awareness through the use of any social media site. For example, whoever receives the most tweets on Twitter, the most views on YouTube, and/or the most "likes" on Facebook would be deemed a winner. All content, regardless of the social network, must emphasize the importance of the Safe Haven law, promote awareness and increase viewership.

Time to help. Whether you have days, hours, or even just seconds, YOU can make a difference.

If you only have two seconds "like" us on Facebook.

If you only have five seconds, share a link to our page on Facebook.

If you have thirty seconds, tell someone about the safe haven laws.

If you have ten minutes, call a politician and ask for support of any current safe haven legislation.

If you have an hour, come to a meeting to learn more about the Foundation and ways you can help.

...and if you have even more time to devote to saving babies in 2013... Think about hosting a fundraiser or an awareness event. Contact us and we'll help.
B) Students must submit the required information electronically to Students must include the following in their submission:

1. A web link to his/her site and a short description of how he/she has increased awareness of the Safe Haven law.

2. Contact information:

a. First and last name

b. Name of high school

c. Name of high school guidance counselor

d. Name college they will be attending

e. A PDF copy of the college acceptance letter.

*Incomplete information will not be considered eligible for the contest.

C) The contest runs from March 18th through April 20th. The Board will review the links submitted in the emails and announce the award the scholarships by April 30, 2013.

Our mailing address is:

Save Abandoned Babies Foundation

55 E Erie St

Unit 2905

Chicago, IL 60611

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