Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sen Cullerton issues a statement on the FY15 Budget

Sept 16, 2014, from Sen Cullerton's office:

SPRINGFIELD - Illinois Senate President John Cullerton (D) issued the following statement regarding the FY15 budget sent to Governor Pat Quinn:

 “This maintenance budget allows us to provide level funding for key priorities and services. The effect of the budget is to avert doomsday cuts by deferrals, borrowing and increasing our backlog of bills.

Admittedly, this budget reverses some of the progress that we have made in recent years.  Since we passed the income tax increase in 2011, we have paid down $3.6 billion in old bills and fully funded our ballooning pension payments. We have paid off $8 billion in pension debt. We have saved billions with responsible budget cuts and that demonstrated that we can be good stewards of taxpayer dollars.

 In order to return to this path of fiscal progress, we will have to bring revenues in line with our growing liabilities. While a vote on our tax rates has been deferred, rising costs and pressures will force the issue at a later date.”

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