Friday, January 30, 2009

Statement from Secretary of State Jesse White on Removal of Rod Blagojevich as Governor

From the Office of Secretary of State Jesse White
January 29, 2009

This has been a difficult time for the state of Illinois. I applaud the Illinois House and Senate for conducting the impeachment process and trial of Rod Blagojevich fairly and professionally.

Since his arrest on December 9th, I have called for Mr. Blagojevich to step aside or resign immediately for the good of the state. As he refused to do so, I strongly believe today's vote by the Illinois Senate was the correct action. We now have an opportunity to restore integrity to not only state government but to the state of Illinois as a whole.

I am committed to working with Governor Pat Quinn to ensure that our state sets a high standard on ethics in government and enforces a strict no tolerance policy on any form of corruption or wrong doing. Our citizens deserve nothing less from their government.

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