Friday, January 22, 2010

Brady on Schillerstrom Dropping Out of GOP Race for Governor

From the Campaign Office of Senator Bill Brady for Governor

Senator Bill Brady, Republican candidate for Governor, released the following statement today:

“Bob Schillerstrom’s endorsement of Jim Ryan today is as predictable as the dead voting in Chicago. It was inevitable he would throw his support behind either Jim Ryan or Kirk Dillard. Anything to stop real reform.

“Schillerstrom tells us Jim Ryan will be ‘an advocate for the taxpayer, questioning the status quo in state government and fighting to bring real change to Springfield culture.’

“In fact, Ryan and Schillerstrom cut a deal with Chicago interests in 2007 to impose a sales tax increase on voters in DuPage. Jim Ryan actually headed up the Schillerstrom’s pro-tax committee (“DuPage tax supporters ready for month-long blitz,” Daily Herald, 1/6/08). It’s worth noting that Kirk Dillard voted for that increase in the Senate, one of only three Republicans to do so. I voted against it.

“Jim Ryan also called for billions of dollars in income tax increases as he sat on the board of a leftwing think tank, with the SEIU union and other liberal groups. Jim’s $800,000 relationship with Stu Levine hardly speaks of real change. And his mishandling of the Nicarico case, in addition to being an enormous tragedy, cost Bob Schillerstrom’s County millions of dollars in legal settlements.

“Bob and Jim are on opposite ends of key issues such as capital punishment, the Second Amendment rights and abortion. But what matters, apparently, is they are both part of the insider crowd.

“It is doubly ironic that Bob Schillerstrom signed the no-new-tax pledge but is now endorsing one of two candidates who didn’t. Kirk Dillard – no surprise – is the other one. Bob and Jim are the ‘taxing tag team,’ and with Kirk Dillard, it makes three.”

“Talk about a ****storm!”

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