Friday, January 15, 2010

Illinois Nurses Association Supports Haiti Relief Effort

From the Illinois Nurses Association

The devastation in Haiti has affected one-third of their population. Communication has been poor and infrastructure and internal aid services have been decimated by the disaster. We are slowly beginning to get a real sense of the extent of the destruction. Thousands of medical personnel from the United States have volunteered to provide assistance to the area.

Illinois Nurses Association (INA) encourages anyone interested in becoming a first responder to pre-register with one of the many disaster registries and response organizations that already exist. These groups ensure that volunteers will have access to training and will be utilized according to the appropriate response plans.

Pamela Robbins, President of Illinois Nurses Association states, “We encourage all Illinois nurses to make a contribution to the Haitian relief effort.” Nurses wishing to make donations should contact legitimate relief charities.

The following is a sampling of legitimate relief charities where donations can be made directly:

American Red Cross



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