Tuesday, June 8, 2010

GOP Gov Candidate Bill Brady's Statement on Start of Blagojevich Trial

from the Bill Brady campaign

June 8, 2010

Statement from Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Brady on today's start of the Blagojevich corruption trial:

"The beginning of disgraced Governor Rod Blagojevich's criminal trial is a stark reminder to voters that too many Illinois politicians have long placed their own interests before the people's interests. Enough is enough.

This election marks one of the best opportunities in a generation to finally put an end to the back room deals, and the go along, get along culture of politics as usual in Springfield. But we can't change Illinois by electing politicians like Governor Pat Quinn, who publicly stated that Rod Blagojevich -- whom he served alongside -- is an "honest" politician with "integrity." We need a clean break.

These criminal proceedings are just another example of the choice voters will face this November -- more insider politics as usual under Governor Quinn, or a fresh start for Illinois taxpayers."

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