Thursday, August 12, 2010

EDITORIAL: Let the Debates Begin Shall We ?

The Illinois Channel does not take sides in partisan elections. Our role is to connect elected officials or candidates for office to citizens, so we may facilitate a greater understanding among the electorate of the issues and candidates' positions.

But we do take sides on whether candidates should or should not debate. THEY SHOULD. Now we hear that there is much foot dragging among the various political camps about getting their candidate to appear in a debate. We hear that behind the scenes the candidates for the US Senate are still dilly-dallying, hemming and hawing, and offering delay upon delay as to whether they will or will not meet in a public forum to debate their opponent.

As we sit here with one former governor in prison, and another awaiting his fate at the hands of a jury. When the state and nation are facing bankruptcy and citizens are marching in the streets for new leadership -- We would hope that anyone who says they are a leader, that they are motivated by a call to public service, would be willing and eager to share their ideas on what they would do if elected.

This is a critical time. It therefore is a critical election. Among the items citizens should consider when looking at a candidate's qualifications for office -- is how much they believe in your right to know where they stand. If they won't bother to debate their positions before the election, how open will they be after the election?

So woe to those who fail to debate. We'll be watching, and reporting on those dragging their feet, instead of signing up to debate.

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