Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sen Brad Burzynski (R) Statement on Blago's Conviction

SYCAMORE, Ill. – State Senator Brad Burzynski (R-Rochelle) gave this statement in response to the outcome of the Rod Blagojevich corruption trial on Tuesday, August 17:

“While the outcome of the trial is disappointing, I am glad to hear the prosecution plans to pursue a retrial and it is important to remember that Blagojevich is now a convicted felon. However, most importantly, we as legislators and public officials must now make an even greater effort to bring true and effective ethics reforms to state government and hold ourselves to a higher standard than ever before. We must send the signal to the people of Illinois that accepting actions like those of Blagojevich and his enablers as ‘business as usual’ is unacceptable. This isn’t a time to succumb to apathy or disenfranchisement, but rather an opportunity to realize how greatly we need to set a new standard for those who represent the people’s interests.”

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