Friday, May 17, 2013

AFT Union Publishes Video Promoting Sen Cullerton's SB-2404, the Pension Reform Bill

"WE ARE ONE ILLINOIS" VIDEO PROMOTING SEN CULLERTON'S VERSION OF PENSION REFORM.  This is the version backed by the Unions.  Many others support SB-1, the Pension Reform bill supported by House Speaker Madigan, which would cut costs by more than Sen Cullerton's version -- or so it's argued.


This is our community.  Our schools.  Our families.
When there’s a job to do, we get it done. 
Because service is more than a job.  It’s our calling.
So when pensions needed to be fixed, we came to the table.
With a fair, legal solution.  

Knowing we didn’t create the problem.  Knowing we’d still have to sacrifice.
We urged legislators to work with us.
To include an ironclad guarantee.
To be reasonable to workers and retirees who contributed from every paycheck.
They listened. And now we’re making progress.

But some still want to grab our contributions, our life savings.  Illegally take what we’ve earned.
So we must stand together again.
To do what’s responsible for all of us. 

Call your legislator.  
Tell them to support Senate Bill 2404 … the only fair, constitutional solution to the pension problem.
And tell them to stand up for working families.

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