Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Gov-Elect Rauner Says Transition Team Has Discovered $1.4 Billion in Deficit Spending that was Hidden by Phony Revenue & "Budget Booby Traps"

During the Veto Session of the Legislature, Gov-Elect Rauner announced his Transition Team had thus far discovered the state budget is out of balance by some $1.4 Billion.   Rauner's team put out a list that showed some $600 million of bills for Fiscal Year 2015 [ ending this June], were put into the FY 2014 budget, thus making the state budget spending for 2015 look to be less than it really was.

They also site the borrowing of money from designated funds, and then counting this borrowed money as "revenue" when in fact it had to be paid back to the funds from which it was taken.



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