Thursday, December 18, 2014


GOV QUINN CALLS FOR SPECIAL SESSION ON JAN 8th, to consider legislation that would require a new election to replace Comptroller Topinka

Here's my best guess of what this would mean...
It means instead of Gov Rauner being able to appoint someone for four years, if the legislature knocks out a new law that would call for a special election to fill the Comptroller's office for the remainder of the term -- then Gov Quinn could sign it into law prior to his leaving office on Jan 12.   I would suspect this as yet unproposed law, would have Gov Rauner appoint a Comptroller to serve until a special election to fill that seat, which would likely be held on Nov 2016.  As JBT's term would have run through to Jan 2019, that special election would be for just a two year term.  

At that point, the candidates for Comptroller would run for a full FOUR YEAR term in the election of Nov 2018.  -- UNLESS -- the offices of Comptroller and Treasurer are combined, which would require a Constitutional Amendment.

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